Yes, I’m 31. Yes, I’m single. Yes, I live with my BFF. No, I am not a lesbian.

Okay, so this has been a post that’s been on my mind for a while. It’s a topic that comes up far more often than I would like in my daily life, and I’ve decided that it’s time to just write about it, get it on paper (or the internet, whatever) and let people read or not read as they see fit.

There really isn’t much else to say that the title of this post doesn’t already cover, however, I’d like to address each of these points on their own so I can just refer people to this blog post in the future and not have to explain myself a billion and a half times.

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acceptance, progress, thoughtsIt has been 35 days today since I’ve been tossed back to step one. Or, as I like to say, since I hit rock bottom. Which is saying a lot since I was pretty sure I’d hit rock bottom before – and it wasn’t a great place to be.¬† However, the other times were different. I wasn’t ready to fully commit to any sort of change, even though I lied to everyone (including myself) and said that I was. So, hey… bonus points to me for openly admitting that¬† and for finally being a woman and taking my life back from the lying, stealing, etc.

That said, the last 35 days have been some of the worst days of my life, but also some of the best. I’m learning things about myself that I didn’t really let in before because they were too “icky” and I didn’t like to have a “tarnish” stain on my personality.

So fucking ridiculous, right? I mean, really, who the hell cares what other people think about me? I’ll tell you who – I DID.

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