Expectations, expectaions, and more expectations.

I have huge expectations. Not only of myself (which I generally kick my own ass over because I never achieve them), but of other people, events, and pretty much everything else in my life. I’m constantly expecting things to turn out a specific way, or for things to be huge epic events, and I find myself being incredibly disappointed when they don’t turn out the way that I expected them to.

Once it was pointed out to me (thanks, Kate) that I actually do this ALL. THE. TIME. I really started to think about it, and realized that it was true. I’m totally an expectation addict.

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Blah, blah, blah…

For the last few days, nay, the last few weeks, i haven’t been sleeping well at ALL. I don’t know what it is, or why I can’t, but for some reason I’ve been waking up in the middle of the night and have been wide awake. Gotta tell ya, it’s not the most wonderful thing that I’ve ever experienced. I’m not used to having problems sleeping. Normally I sleep like the freaking dead, so this whole “Hey world, what’s up, it’s 4AM!” thing is not working for me.

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Insert Witty Title Here…

I’ve got nothing in the way of titles. Titles are the hardest thing for me. Even when I would do my reviews coming up with a snappy one liner for the title was always what threw me for a loop. I’m not good at being concise or drawing people into my writing, I guess! Anyway. It’s been a while since I’ve checked in. I knew that the daily thing wouldn’t last. There really isn’t an excuse for it, just me having every intention to update, but realizing that no one really cares what happens, anyway! Am I right?

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Happy Birthday to Me!

Kel _ bday

On Friday I turned 31. I never thought I’d be 31 years old, let alone 31 years old, single, still renting an apartment, and childless. My “plan” was always to finish school (nope), get married (nope), have kids (nope), and all before I was 27. Well… that (none of it) worked out the way that I planned. And you know what?

I’m beyond happy about it.

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Each Day I Will Do At Least One Thing That Brings Me Closer To Achieving My Dreams.

Creature Comfort Blog

I read that quote a few days ago on Pinterest, and it really struck a chord with me. ┬áIt comes from Creature Comforts, and she’s kind enough to provide her train of thought as she made the graphics, as well as printables for the taking! Here’s a link to the printable, and thus to her blog. I’m a new fan and plan to really delve into her posts to see what other eggs of wisdom she’s crackin’.

So, that said – I did a little redecorating in casa K & K…

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April 18th – Long Winded Update that Went Places I Did NOT Intend.

While Wisconsin is under several flood warnings, I’ve been busy at work and planning a rather big project with the BFF. More to come on the project in the future, but I wanted to get a few thoughts down before I forget about them.

Things have been good. Really good, actually. So good, that I fear if I talk about them, I will jinx myself. So suffice to say that in Kelly land, I am a happy queen. Work stresses me out constantly, but only because I allow it to. It’s something that I need to get over, but it’s incredibly difficult for me to do so. I take things home with me when I shouldn’t, and I dwell on certain portions of my day when I need to just let things go.

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